sunnuntai 30. lokakuuta 2016

V and U

Still playing along with the Craft Barn Alpha/dictionary challenge. I really haven't had time for any crafting lately, and I guess the only reason I'm doing these is that I would hate to quit without having the whole alphabet done. I once again searched my wildlife encyclopedia for animals with weird names... though I guess I've heard of vikunjas before. So welcome on a short trip to South America. Starting with the challenge letters V (challenge ending tonight) and U (challenge opened today). Oh,how I hate to have to take picrures under artificial light, but the sun set an hour earlier today than yesterday (and it's been gloomy all week, so lights are on anyway!)

Both of the backgrounds are age-old masterboards that I have lying in a drawer. Not much to say otherwise. The Vikuña has just brayered paints and some stamping with "aztec doll" stamps from Rubber Dance, though I guess the Peru/north Chile is Inca area, not Aztec... The Unau is called the Linnaeus two-toed sloth, and it's background just has paints, both brayered and stencilled. Here are the backs of the cards with some info about the animals... but you could just as well check wikipedia!
Vikuña and Unau.

sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2016

X and E

The Craft Barn Alpha/Dictionary challenge is going forward, and I just almost forgot to get my cards done. I had decided to do X and the next letter (E) at the same time, but somehow didn't quite register that X has to be posted tonight. So here goes... X is quite an impossible letter for me, because it is practically not used in Finnish. I checked through all the x- latin names in my wildlife encyclopedia and chose Xerus Erythropus, an african ground squirrel. And for the E-animal I kept to the previous principals: choosing something I never heard of...

The ground squirrel has a gelli plate background and the lizard has a scrap of an old masterboard. Here are the definition texts for the animals: The text tells us that the African ground squirrels are social and greet each other with a short kiss... cute :)  As for the Emoia, well, not much to be said, he spends his days hiding among banana leaves.

The previous cards for this (all-year-long) challenge can be found under the following links. I haven't added the links for a while, and all of a sudden this is looking quite full! The year is nearing it's end, where does the time fly?!?


sunnuntai 4. syyskuuta 2016

H and O

The Craft Barn alpha/dictionary challenge is going forward every fortnight... and I'm making two cards at once: H for the challenge that ends tonight and O for the challenge that just started. I'm piecing a wildlife encyclopedia for this challenge, and today we have two mammals: the hoolock and the oribi.

The hoolock gibbon spends all of it's life in trees, hence the green background. They are light grey when they are born and turn black at a few months age. The females turn grey/tan after puberty. I picked him not only because of the never-before-heard-of name, but also because of this gorgeous video. Those eyebrows are adorable!!! (and the mom looks a bit fierce compared to the cute baby) Here is the back of the card with the info text.

The oribi looks (to my eyes) like any other small gaselle or antilope, but is actually the only member of it's genus. It has a peculiar bald black spot on both cheeks, almot like having two eyes! I layered some gelli prints for the background.

tiistai 30. elokuuta 2016

In the garden

The theme at Art Journal Journey is "nature's wonders" and I'm kind of playing with the flora part on this spread. We have lots of apples this year, and I spent the weekend cooking apple sauce... the snow last winter ripped the old tree in two and it's amazing that a half dead tree can push such a harvest! Since this well might be one of the last times it does so, I decided to use the apples in my journal too. It's quite a shame that I can so barely squeeze in time for a single spread per month, but that's the way life gets in the way every now and then.

I had some yellow splats on the spread and used a spotty stencil to build up a leafy background. It is a bit restless, but that's my life. I tried stamping with an apple that I cut in half, but it really didn't show up, so I stamped on a piece of paper and cut it into a stencil. Sponged through the stencil, the apples were visible, and I continued with a charcoal pencil and some white highlights. ( The apples I've been busy with are a green/white colour ). I ran into this lovely sentiment the other day, and it of course fits for harvesting season!

lauantai 20. elokuuta 2016

Notebooks, version 2

I have continued piffing up my daughters notebooks. These are A4 size (originally dull grey) and I've used acrylic paints, stamps and heavy gloss gel to decorate them... playing with the Paperartsy patterns-challenge. The stenciled gloss gel gives a subtle shine and texture that depends on where the light come from.

I really like this brown one, that obviously became a math notebook (wonder why?) That stamp from the Paperartsy Everything Art -series is just awesome. Also the blue notebook turned out the way I wanted... Well, the gloss gel stars looked gorgeous in milky white before they dried, pity I didn't use molding paste instead!

This yellow one ended up stressing me a bit. There is a layer of gesso under the paints, but it isn't opaque enough and the grey cover distorts the yellow. After stamping the colour wheels I heat embossed some texture with WOW pastel yellow. While heating the first one I realized bright yellow would have been much better... but I already had the pastel all over waiting for heat, so on I went. I random stamped some orange and added the circles with gloss gel. Again it looked fine when wet and milky, but as the gel dried, the pastel embossing was just too light. I used a white Sharpie to colour the gel and balance the palette. Not bad after all! Those colour wheels have a citrus touch to them :)

sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2016

No black

I decorated some matchboxes for the Lavinia Stamps challenge (no black). And since these contain matches, I'm also posting for the Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge (try to contain yourself). I picked a selection of Lavinia stamps... really loving the text, but the plants worked nicely too :)

I have a tub of texture paste that is drying out, and I found it is quite nice to stamp into, no need to wait for the paste to partly dry, just straightforward stamping with water. Once the paste was dry I painted the covers with acrylic paints, starting with a dark colour and then dry-brushing with lighter shades to bring forth the texture. The final layer was Golden Irridescent Gold -paint. I guess the same effect could be done with a metallic wax.

Notebooks, version 1

My daughter is starting high school, and that means we've been doing some shopping for school stuff. We picked some dull and inexpensive notebooks, and I decided to paint over the covers. Didn't ask my daughter for permission, but when she saw these, she didn't mind. So I guess I'll soon continue with the rest of the pile. I'm posting for the Paperartsy challenge (patterns).

I simply brayered paints (Fresco Finish and Golden) straight on the notebook cover. Even though I used opaque fresco paints, the grey cover is showing through (it was quite slick). I guess I'll use some gesso for the next ones. To create some repetitive pattern I stamped Everything Art stamps with a lighter colour of paint and finished with some heat embossing using Ellen Vargo stamps and WOW embossing powders. For once I had good reason to use the more colourful ones!